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“Dispatches From Exile” provides an insider’s perspectives from a now-outsider looking in. For 25 years, I labored in the bowels of U.S. national security, as a diplomat for most of those years, and previously in military intelligence. Since departing government, I have become an Amazon bestselling thriller writer and journalist for national publications and have appeared on major news networks. Drawing on my many sensitive sources, I have written on the damage done by Trump to the State Department, FBI and intelligence community, why the evidence shows Trump is a Russian intel asset, the shameless selling of U.S. ambassadorships, the need to cultivate the Cuban military, our potential descent into Weimar-like chaos, how toxic populism stems from wealth inequality and the need to hit back hard against Putin’s attacks. I provide perspectives based on insider sources. Have any of your own? Drop me a line!

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What the Critics Say

Bruno’s words strike a chord today. ‘Years of political gridlock’—box checked. ‘Civil unrest’ —box checked. ‘Social and economic chaos’—box checked. The United States is by no means the second coming of the Weimar Republic, but it’s clear that our social fabric has been fraying for the last 20 or 30 years. ~ Charlie Cook, publisher of The Cook Report

With less-than-savory ambassadors such as Gordon Sondland dominating the Ukraine scandal, James Bruno examines how Trump has expanded the practice of making it possible for rich people to buy ambassadorships. ~ The Washington Post

Former diplomat James Bruno sums it up . . . “The United States has just endured a carefully planned, well-orchestrated assault against its democratic form of government in the form of a grand cyber-theft of information and targeted release of that information.” ~ Bill Moyers

“Havana Queen” is red hot. James Bruno establishes a visceral sense of place, tells an intriguing story, and delivers a Cuban cigar box full of thrills. ~ Raymond Benson, New York Times bestselling author of James Bond and Tom Clancy novels

“Havana Queen” is the best military thriller that I have read in a long time. ~ Examiner.com

James Bruno has broken the thriller mold with “CHASM” . . . a tour de force! ~ Gloria Nagy, New York Times bestselling author of nine successful books

James Bruno deserves wider attention. In “Tribe” . . . he shows a deep knowledge of the politics in Washington DC, and of the intrigue within the CIA and intelligence community. This gives his story that much more impact. I predict Bruno will climb his way onto some bestseller lists. ~ Eric Wilson, New York Times bestselling author

Extraordinary! This is definitely going to be the book of the month if not the book of the year. ~ Mauricio Claver-Carone, host - From Washington al Mundo, SiriusXM Radio

This book is damn near impossible to put down after you've started into it. A thoroughly riveting tale! ~ Books Are Cool

“Permanent Interests” is a frightening story that gets you thinking, what if . . . ~ Tim Green, New York Times bestselling author of thirteen highly successful suspense novels

The vanity of seeking public recognition after living a lifetime in the shadows, makes many spies and intelligence officers rush to write books, in order to recount their actions. The American James Louis Bruno is one of them. ~ El Heraldo Cubano, official Cuban government media

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James L Bruno

Bestselling author, journalist, diplomat. Appeared on CNN, NPR, Fox, SiriusXM, BBC. Contributor to Washington Monthly; POLITICO.